As the war in Ukraine continues, we are proud to share that our newly founded sister organization Star for Life Ukraine has launched its first projects to support and empower children affected by the conflict.

The mission of Star for Life Ukraine is to teach young people computer skills and basic programming while also offering psychological support and strengthening students’ motivation to study.

Together with Voices of Children, a charitable fund providing psychosocial support to children affected by the war since 2015, Star for Life Ukraine creates and implements training programs aimed at developing children’s IT skills while healing from traumatic experiences.  

“In cooperation with local authorities, we strive to create a computer class where kids can get IT skills, find friends, continue distance education using the Lab’s equipment. The Lab will form a common space with a Voices of Children’s center that focuses on discussion classes, art sessions, and other activities as a means to release psychological tension,” says Dennis Wolowyk, CEO at Star for Life Ukraine.

Two pilot projects have already been implemented.During the summer the first IT Summer Camp were held, where children gathered to learn Java in a healthy and calm location. A Star for Life Lab had also opened in the west of Ukraine, in a region that accommodates many temporarily relocated children. 

“We consider it extremely important to arrange physical centers for children to learn and develop. With online education, displaced families, and shocks of war, we need to ensure a creative space for kids. Star for Life Ukraine is an open project and I hope that other companies and organizations will join our initiatives.” 

Partners of Star for Life Ukraine:

  • Sigma Software, a Ukrainian IT company having 20 years of experience in the implementation of quality technological solutions
  • IDF, an online programming basics school that aims to introduce and engage schoolchildren in real-life software engineering using modern programming means
  • Voices of Children, a charitable fund providing psychological support to children affected by the war since 2015

Read more about Star for Life Ukraine HERE