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A child needs more
than food to grow up

Every child needs support not only with food, healthcare and shelter, but in order to grow up as a self led, stable individual with strong values, self esteem and the will to have a positive impact on its surroundings, a child also needs to be given the tools and support to develop on both an emotional and psychological level.

These are the skills that Star for Life teaches children – to get to know themselves, identify their dreams and work toward them, bearing through challenges on the way to reaching their goals. In order to reach all the way, staying healthy is of high priority.

Star for Life is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 with the mission to inspire young people to believe in their dreams for the future and support them to live an AIDS-free life. We now operate in over one hundred schools in southern Africa.

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  • Our Vision

    A future in which young people are empowered to realise their dreams as responsible members of caring communities.

  • Our Mission

    To inspire young people to value learning, acquire the knowledge and skills they need for productive work and live healthy and meaningful lives.

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