We motivate young people to invest in their education and health for a better tomorrow

It all starts in the classroom

Star for Life started at Siphosabadletshe High School in South Africa in 2005. Ever since, the goal has been the same – to empower children and young people to take their education, their health and their life dreams seriously. Each year, approximately 65,000 students encounter Star for Life’s work in their classrooms, and since the start, 500,000 students have gone through our entire program.

The school programme

While teachers focus on teaching, Star for Life’s coaches are on hand to work with the learners self-esteem, integrity, dreams and goals. Through workshops, exercises and music, children and young people learn about everything from puberty, consent, sexual and reproductive health, relationships and hygiene to study discipline, empowerment, respect for others, creative expression and entrepreneurship.

Our unique programme strengthens the learners and motivates them to invest in their education and make wise life decisions. The aim is to replace destructive behaviors with positive ones and help learners realise their dreams, step by step. In this way, young people can more easily build a better future for themselves and, as adults, contribute to a more equal, fair and sustainable society.

The Mobile Health Units

Star for Life’s mobile health units give young people in southern Africa similar support to that of A proper school nurse. Here you can be weighed, measured and have your eyesight checked – but that’s not all. You can also learn about puberty, menstruation, hygiene, and nutrition and upon that learn about consent and cohabitation, sexual and reproductive health and to understand sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDS.

Daughters of Africa

In southern Africa, far too many girls are born into a life of discrimination, lack of knowledge and poverty. Through Star for Life’s special initiative Daughters of Africa, we focus entirely on the life situation of girls. Through special workshops and in a safe environment, our coaches help the girls to a deeper understanding of issues around health, sexuality, equality, and entrepreneurship. The goal is a new generation of independent women.

Star for Life and the Music

Regardless of whether you are in the “busking corner” of the big cities or in the classroom of a rural school, music is constantly present in South Africa. As a reminder of the struggle against apartheid, as a national anthem for this diverse nation and as an important source of strength in everyday life. That’s why, ever since we started in 2005, music has had a central role in Star for Life’s soul. By bringing in established musicians, producers and artists, we have created specially written music for the program which is used in the various workshops that we conduct in our classrooms.

Through Star for Life in Concert, Swedish and South African young people have been able to sing together with some of Sweden ‘s most popular artists, in packed concert halls all over Sweden. This is how we spread knowledge, bring people closer together and create musical memories for life.

Star for Life is the organisation that takes children and young people’s dreams from school to professional life.

With Star for Life’s programme, childhood dreams come true

Zimbili talks on TV4

See Zimbili's story as shown on Post Code Millionaire on TV4! Star for Life had the chance to showcase the work of Girls Clubs on prime time TV.

Följ med till mobila hälsoklinikerna
Come along to the mobile health clinic

The mobile health clinic provides important health care to students and visits them at schools, often in rural areas where there is a long way to the nearest health centre . Here you can see and hear more about our work.

Mavuso High School
Mavuso High School

Here, the principal, the Star for Life coach and a pupil talk about the important and successful work being done in this vulnerable region in KwaZulu-Natal, where almost all parents are unemployed.

Emthulasizwe High School
Emthulasizwe High School

Welcome to Emthulasizwe High School in KwaZulu-Naltal in South Africa. The school is one of the schools where Star for Life’s is making a difference.