Star for Life has been awarded SEK 7 million from the Postcode Lottery’s annual dividend. We welcome this non-earmarked addition to our funding for 2022.

– We are extremely proud, happy and grateful to have the continued trust of the Postcode Lottery. This will enable us to develop our work in schools in southern Africa and  is more needed than ever after an extremely challenging year for all students and families. Since this basic support is not earmarked, we can steer the funds to where they are needed the most and build long-term, says Jessica Grundström Ahldin, Secretary General of Star for Life.

Nearly one million people in Sweden participate in the Postcode Lottery and buy a lottery ticket every month. This year, the Swedish Postcode Lottery distributed just over SEK 1 billion of the surplus from the sale of these tickets.

Many thanks to the Swedish Postcode Lottery for supporting Star for Life and 58 other non-profit organisations 

And a special thank you to everyone who has bought a postcode lot – together we can make a difference!

About the Swedish Postcode Lottery:
The Swedish Postcode Lottery was founded in 2005 and is Sweden’s largest private donor to the non-profit sector. The Swedish Postcode Lottery has almost one million lottery buyers. Every fifth household in Sweden participates in the Postcode Lottery which equals almost one million lottery takers. The entire surplus of SEK 1 billion goes to non-profit organisations every year.