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Star for Life is an international non profit education organisation founded in 2005 with the aim of hindering the spread of HIV/AIDS in one of the worst affected areas in the world – the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa.

Through a unique methodology to improve young people’s knowledge and self-esteem, for fifteen years, Star for Life has worked in southern Africa to bring about changes in young people’s lives. Today we work in 120 schools in both South Africa and Namibia and 450,000 students have participated in the program.

With the help of Star for Life’s well-trained coaches, the students are motivated and inspired to invest in their school education and take care of their health and make conscious choices in order to influence their future.

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The same method is now used in Swedish schools.
Visit Svenska SfL to learn more about Motivationslyftet (only in Swedish)

The Star program

Young people of school age represent a vital part of the world population, but in most cases, are also the ones most affected by the worst problems in the world today. Poverty, unemployment, high rates of HIV/AIDS, violence and other social ills affect young people directly or indirectly and make it difficult for them to reach their full potential.

In 2005 Star for Life initiated the Star program with the intention of empowering young people as individuals and supporting struggling schools to become institutions of excellence which encourage all learners to reach their personal best. The Star Program is the foundation of all our work in schools and in the community but it is enhanced by several supporting programs.

The Art & Culture program

Art & Culture is the name for the Star Program used in Primary Schools. It is at the heart of our organisation as we develop the artistic skills of our youngest learners’ and use the arts as a catalyst for social transformation. With the help of aesthetic learning processes we strive to create environments where the learners can explore their inner world and express their desires and fears in a safe environment. We strive to create social cohesion and a place where young people dare to dream and are empowered and supported to realise those dreams.

The Wellness program

Wellness is the state of health associated to lifestyle and psychology. The Wellness Program provides psycho-social support and facilitates welfare services to all Star for Life-schools and the surrounding communities. The Wellness program is closely linked to the Mobile Health program.

The Mobile Health program

The Mobile Health Program deals with the physical well-being of each individual and works to strengthen three main pillars – comprehensive health education, HIV/Aids counselling and testing and proper referrals to external health facilities. The staff at our three Mobile Health Clinics, located in South Africa and Namibia, inform learners and their communities on how they can live an AIDS-free life, empowering and encouraging them to make life-affirming decisions and choices. The Mobile Health Program is closely linked to the Wellness Program dealing with psychological issues.

The Skills Program

The Star for Life Skills Program serves as a vehicle for our youth in the transition from Star for Life-schools to the next step of fullfilling their dreams. Apart from awarding a number of university scholarships, we stimulate interest in business and address the skills shortage by helping former learners with skills development, basic education in business economics as well as providing financial assistance to students who wish to start their own business.