Word Aids Day campaign

Star For Life held it’s World Aids Day campaign on the 4 th of December 2018
with the theme #knowYourStatus. It is an opportunity for people world wide to
unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people with HIV and to
commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness.
Aim is to bring peoples attention to the worldwide challenges and consequences
of the epidemic in order to prevent HIV and improve the lives of people living
with the virus.

The core objectives of this campaign is to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS;
encourage people to test regularly and use condoms, fight against stigma and
discrimination, and encourage those on treatment to adhere.

The day was a great success as it saw community members coming in huge
numbers (especially males) to get knowledge about the virus as well as to get
tested by our Star for Life professional nurses, with the help of Mduku clinic.

A special thank you goes to our guest speaker of the day, Nelisiwe Mbatha from
Lulisandla kumntwana organization, who openly revealed her status and
encouraged everybody to also get tested and know his or her status. She added
that being HIV positive is not the end of the world, by taking your medication
correctly and living a healthy style, you can have a normal life.

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