Emadwaleni High School

Zonkizizwe Secondary School

Welcome to our school!

Zonkizizwe Secondary School has been serving the township of Zonkizizwe Katlehong since 2008. It is a no-fee school that serves an underprivileged community – three learners are in child -headed households and 25 orphans live with extended families.

Although the school is situated in an unprivileged community, we make the best of what we have. Our students are multi-talented and with our limited resources, we try to develop and showcase their talent so they can shine as they ought to.

Facts about the school

  • 1344 learners
  • 51 educators
  • 237 Matric learners
  • The school’s pass rate has increased in the past three years from 80% to 93.7%.

“Star for Life has been a relief for our school. Through coaches encouraging learners to look beyond their current situation and have dreams for their future, as well as teaching them how to take care of themselves, we are experiencing a decrease in teen pregnancies. Learners are also given an opportunity to to study abroad. Star for Life has in many ways contributed positively in the lives of our learner’s.”

E.P. Masemola

”As a coach I create a platform for learners to express how they feel about their personal issues and help them find a solution. I support them in learning difficulties and help them gain confidence in their own learning ability. To assist learners from a poor background I also help with food parcels.”

Cebisile Mntungwa