Emadwaleni High School

Qhakaza High School

Welcome to our school!

Qhakaza High School is situated in the rural area of Umkhwanazi Traditional Council. It was established in 1993, with just 10 classess. The school was then extended by the goverment due to the high enrolment. It is a no fees school, which makes it hard to provide learners with the appropriate equipment to enhance their knowledge. Most of the classrooms have no windows and no doors.

Despite all the challenges, the school strives to promote excellence in all aspects of the learners development, such as academics, sports and social activities.

Facts about the school

  • 970 learners
  • 34 educators
  • Grade 12 in the school has achieved an average of 60% pass rate for over 6 years.

“We have an NGO called Star for Life at the school, which helps us with numerous social issues faced in the school, through classroom sessions, campaigns and counselling. We are very happy with their support and we hope this partnership will continue for more years to come.”

Mr EB Mbatha

”As a coach at the school, I identify learners with problems, and try to solve them through counselling. I do classroom sessions, workshops and campaigns, where I educate learners on social ills such as drugs, alcohol and teenage pregnancy. I also talk to them about dreams and I try to inspire them to reach for those dreams.”

Londiwe Nyawo