Emadwaleni High School

Mtwazi Combined School

Welcome to our school!

Mtwazi is a combined school, meaning it comprises classes from Grade R to Grade 12. It is situated in a very small area, where numerous social ills, such as drugs, unwanted pregnancy and disease prevail.

The people living in this community come from very poor disadvantaged backgrounds, they have no money and no food, which results in teenage girls falling prey to sugar daddy’s, who offer them money in exchange for sexual favours. This leads to a high number of pregnant and infected teenagers in the community. Despite all these challenges, we remain hopeful and work closely with Star for Life to ensure that the learners in the school are more informed about the dangers of social ills.

Facts about the school

  • 1200 learners
  • 38 educators
  • Grade 12 has maintained an average pass rate of 85% since 2007

“Even though we have these social ills in our community, when learners come to our school, we work together with Star for Life, in ensuring that the learners are inspired to better their lives and to reach for their dreams. Our school has also seen a decrease in teenage pregnancy through Star for Life.”

Mr B Xaba

”I coach the Primary side of the school. In the foundation phase (Grade R – Grade 3) I use story telling, through the mascot Star Jabulani, to teach the young ones about life challenges. In the intermediate phase (Grade 3 – Grade 6) I talk to them about dreams, challenges they might face, and how to overcome those challenges. With Grade 7’s, I talk about relationships, puberty and social ills, through class room sessions, arts festivals and child protection campaigns.”

Dumsani Ngubane