Emadwaleni High School

Macabuzela Primary School

Welcome to our school!

Macabuzela Full Service Primary School is situated in Hluhluwe, KwaZulu-Natal, in a rural area called Mdletsheni. The school was founded in 1960 by Mr Mandlovu Mdletshe, and merely started out as a small schack. It was than registered under the Department Of Education and had its first infrastructure in 1970.

The school was in 2009 identified as a full service school, catering for all types of learners with mild beariers to learning/disabilities.

Educators and support staff attend numerous Human Resource Development workshops, which makes them highly qualified to handle and educate learners with special needs.

The name ”Macabuzela” comes from a stream that meanders around the school. It means, ”walking slowly behind others”.

Facts about the school

  • 832 Learners
  • 22 Educators, and 5 supporting staff.
  • Caters to learners with mild barriers to learning/disabilities.
    School premises have concrete ramps to support learners in wheelchairs.

“We truly appreciate the partnership we have with Star for Life. Through its creative arts component, it inspires learners who might not be academically gifted, by developing their artistic side. This in turn helps create a school environment with very high self esteemed learners.”

Mr M Ntsimbi

“All our primary schools are situated in areas exposed to a lot of social ills. As a Star for Life Coach, I try by all means to work with the schools in protecting the learners. I achieve this through the use of Arts. We have a mascot called Star Jabulani, which I use to teach learners life stories through story telling. I also use drawings, role plays, poetry and dance to dig deep into the hearts and minds of the learners, so what ever they might be facing at home, have seen, or wish for, will be portrayed through these mediums of Art.”

Mali Ntuli