Emadwaleni High School

Jan Jonker Afrikaner

Welcome to our school!

The school was established 2 March 1984 in the township of Katutura in Windhoek city and was initially only for Nama speaking learners, until Namibia’s independence in 1990, when the school began to enrol learners of different ethnic groups.

The school has catered for learners with physical disabilities in the past but because of the set up of the school and the lack of ramps we are no longer able to take in learners with physical disabilities but continue to take in learners with slow learning abilities.

Jan Jonker Afrikaner was the first school in Namibia where the Star for Life programme was established, and since its start in 2007, Star for Life has continued to make a great impact on the learners.

Facts about the school

  • 700+ learners
  • 33 educators
  • Named after a national hero Jan Jonker Afrikaner, who was the chief of the Nama tribe.

“Since the Star for Life programme has been implemented at the school, there has been a great reduction in the learners’ pregnancy rate and improvements in the learners’ behavior. We have seen learners positively engaging in their school work. Star for Life has really supported the learners and the school as a whole, and we are looking forward to 10+ more years with Star for Life in our school.”

Mr Johannes

“My role as a Star for Life coach is to teach learners about hiv/aids as well as to help them improve their self esteem. We have observed that once learners have gone through our programme, they seem to believe in themselves more. Most of the learners from this school come from disadvantaged areas, and once you encourage them, they start to believe in themselves and are motivated to go for their dreams. Learners are more willing to go for HIV tests, because they are better informed through our pre-counseling workshops.
There is a considerable improvement in the lives of the learners’ through the Star for Life programme.”

Christine Joao