Storytelling music – The best knowledge-keeping instrument there is

People are not so very different even though they live in different parts of the world.
People enjoy having fun together.People love music and people love to express themselves.
Yes, music is in fact the perfect combination when it comes to conveying thoughts to one another in a way that everyone understands. The key is to use the right music for the right moment, and using the right words for this very moment.

Music is as free as love and it comes in the most beautiful package. This is what the music within the Star for Life Project is doing, whether it is the music and lyrics written by us in the so called Star for Life Music Department, or music and lyrics written by students from the actual schools, where we are working.

It is pretty clear by now. Music can be the crucial difference and defined as an important mission – in life – and for life.
Is it as if the heritage and legacy of Africa once more will play an important role in the development of the rest of the world? Or can for instance cultural expression from the Swedish side also play as an important role?  

The answer is – yes: And we know from our experiences.

We have, after have been part of the journey of the Star for Life Project since its beginning in 2005, seen the struggle of the young people in Southern Africa. How can you possibly walk for up to two hours in order to get to school, then deal with the school work for the day, sometimes without food, then still hungry walk back to your house and nevertheless feel motivated to do the exact same thing the next day?

This is to be considered an impossible mission. This is one of the reasons we really do admire these students. These students are rich. They have their voices and dance. They have their culture. The have the greatest gifts in life.
Also – they are very happy to share their skills with us, with the world.

Though, life can be problematic for young people in Sweden to. It is all about practical differences. To live a good and happy life stand out as the most important foundation for every young person in order to believe there is hope for the future.    

We believe as stated: People are not so very different. The people in Sweden are also culture bearers. As in Africa there are a diversity of cultures to be found and Sweden is not an exception. By bringing young people from Africa and Sweden together we are building bridges of music, hope and a belief for the future amongst young people in Sweden, in Southern Africa and most probably in other parts of the world. This is the beauty of music. It is, like our expanding universe, an expanding force, for the present and for times to come. Music is maybe the best way to learn long texts (in school work!) if the text is put in a musical context.

Music speaks to your heart and expresses feelings which gives the listener greater emotional impact. Music has become a tool for speaking to your heart and intellect, but also from one person to another. I’d like to refer to our heritage and oral tradition. Music is communication – where time do not exist.

The music of the Star for Life Project is bringing people together even where the geographical distance can be a hassle. These obstacles can easily be solved. Partner schools are being established in Star for Life. Sweden and Southern Africa are all of a sudden not that far apart. Young people who are the people of our future are finding common ground during our venues and concerts and our school visits. This goes both ways. Chat forums are established on the Internet. This is good news for the future. In a shrinking global world, people need to meet in order to understand one another. 

We are on a journey just begun.

Thandiwe Mazibuko, Göran Rudbo and Ken Wennerholm
Star for Life Music Department

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