Emadwaleni High School

Skills program

The skills program has two main focuses; (1) Skills Development, both artisan and professional, and (2) Economic Stimulation addressing poverty and unemployment. The program has an informative role as well, raising awareness of various career and business opportunities, as well as providing business development classes.

The program organizes a number of activities, both for youth in school and for those who have already passed their matric.
Projects include:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship workshops to introduce grade 11 learners to the business sector
  • Special career guidance aimed at exhibiting scarce skills to grade 9 and 12 learners, inspiring them to choose such careers and make informed choices in grade 10
  • Creating partnerships with stakeholders and encouraging them to fund tertiary education for the learners, preferably in the scarce fields in accordance with the National Skills Profile.

  • Star for Life also has partnerships with other stakeholders to fund tertiary education for out of school youth as well as organize Business and Career Expo’s to bring in relevant stakeholders and information on institutions and agencies in support of youth business endeavours.

    Volvo Trucks have been a major partner in the program, providing full training to a dozen young ambitious students to becoming truck engineers.

    The Skills Program Objectives are:

    • To develop special skills (artisans and professionals), most importantly in the scarce skills fields
    • To promote business and entrepreneurship
    • To match industry requirements and youth career aspirations
    • To increase youth access into higher learning and training institutions
    • To raise awareness of various careers and business opportunities
    • To support formal training to those with scarce skills interest
    • To support youth business endeavors