Emadwaleni High School

More than a concert!

Star for Life uses music as an important instrument for spreading knowledge and information about HIV and AIDS in southern Africa. In Sweden we use our concert ‘Marching for Love’ to inform about the situation in South Africa and Namibia and to raise money for our programs in these countries. We work regularly with young people in Swedish schools and choirs right across the country.

Our concert tour ‘Marching for Love’ is a unique concept and provides the opportunity for young people from Sweden and Africa to meet and work together with music. The talented Star Choir South Africa are the focus of the concert and a natural link between young people from two continents.

Since 2011 the cooperation between Star for Life and Swedish schools has led to numerous concert tours with sponsors including The Swedish Postcode Lottery, Nordea Private Banking and Skandia.

This year’s tour is the continuation of a musical journey that has already been seen by 100,000 people around Sweden, where Star for Life have gathered young people from Sweden and South Africa, who together create an unforgettable musical experience. Thousands of school pupils and concert visitors will participate in the various concerts around Sweden.

Are you a student or a teacher and would like your school to be part of Marching for Love?

Contact our tour coordinator Lois Petersson på lois@starforlife.se.

See the film about Marching for Love

“The best part is that it’s fun and for a good cause at the same time.”
– Member of the Student Choir

“What a spectacular evening! One of the best concerts I have ever been to. I have been waiting so long for this. Finally I got to see it and I hope it won’t be the last time!”
– Concert visitor

The 5 pillars of the concert

Star Choir South Africa

On stage you will meet Star Choir South Africa – four talented young people with endless energy from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa; all of them hand-picked from Star for Life schools. They come from very simple rural backgrounds and often live in traditional clay huts or houses. When they come to Sweden for the first time they have rarely been outside their own villages, never sat in an airplane and have not used a microphone. Yet they are born stars; their voices and stage presence are something out of the ordinary. Their stories testify to a tough life in which Star for Life has had a significant impact.


With long and successful careers in the music branch, Ken Wennerholm and Göran Rudbo are celebrated artists in their own right but also music ambassadors for Star for Life. From the start of the program in 2005 they had the insight that music was a perfect tool for reaching South Africa’s youth. In addition to being talented musicians, Ken and Göran are professional entertainers and never fail to inspire their audience. Did you know that they were hosts for the national heats of the Eurovision Song Contest some years ago? Anyway, get ready to be blown away by their energy, passion and silly jokes!

Thandiwe Mazibuko

Thandiwe is an artist and music coach for Star for Life. Together with Ken Wennerholm and Göran Rudbo in Triple & Touch she uses music as a tool to engage young people in Africa and Sweden, helping them increase their self-esteem and take responsibility for their own future. Everyone who has seen Thandiwe and her felt her amazing charisma on stage understands why her name means “love.”

The mass choir

What distinguishes a Star for Life concert from other concerts is our massive youth choir with up to 1000 members in some towns. The committment, joy and power of the youth choir contributes to making Marching for Love a memory for life. And when you see the Swedish and African youth singing together something magical happens and no-one is left untouched – for example when they sing the traditional zulu songs!
The young people come from schools and choirs in the town where the concert is taking place. With the help of texts and sound files, they have been practising with their music teacher for several months and it is not until the actual day of the concert that they meet the choirs from other schools. The whole afternoon is spent in dress rehearsal and imagine the feeling of suddenly being part of a 500 strong choir. And the concert is about to begin!

Guest artists

We usually invite a couple of guest artists to join us for the tour. It’s fun to see them performing and interacting with our own artists and the the big youth choir. Måns Zelmerlöw, Molly Sandén, Robin Stjernberg, Panetoz, The Moniker, Jessica Folcker, Mollie Minott, Eric Gadd och Gladys del Pilar are just some of the artists who have taken part in Marching for Love.”