KZN 1 Peer Education Training

Our SFL (Star for Life) KZN1 schools held an engaging and educational 3 days Peer Education training camp this past weekend at Anew Hotel in Hluhluwe, South Africa. The aim of the camp is to equip peer educators with the right information and skills they need to aid them in their leadership duties at school.

Peer educators are learners who have taken a leadership role; their aim is to help alleviate challenges and social ills faced by their peers at school and in their surrounding area. Their role is to research information, educate their peers, advocate for them, support them in times of need and refer cases that are beyond their scope of knowledge.

In order to equip Peer Educators with the most useful information, we teamed up with Life Line Zululand and addressed topics about Self awareness, adolescent stages/sexual reproductive health, facilitation skills, decision making skills, conflict resolution, sexual reproductive health, Puberty linked to teenage pregnancy, suicide, gender based violence, intimate partner violence, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, relationships, communication skills and leadership skills.

Peer educators were also taught to live the Star for life values: I go for my dreams, AIDS free that’s me, I decide, I’m committed and I make it possible. They were also instructed to use the information gained through out the camp, in order to help change their environment at school. An action plan was than written down by the learners, planning different activities to be done in the year, targeted at building the school for the better. The camp concluded with the awarding of certificates for participation in the 3-day peer education training camp.



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