Girl Child Take Charge

Another event ending of women’s month was a Girls talk at Shumayela High School on Friday, themed “Girl Child Take Charge”.

The talk was aimed at raising awareness on human trafficking and the importance of education, by ensuring that a girl child takes control of their lives and the world around them.

Shumayela High School girl learners

Most learners from the school live in informal settlements surrounding the school, and some come from child-headed households. Their living conditions expose them to indecent lifestyles, which results in girl children making negative life choices and getting involved in risky sexual activities at a very young age. They end up getting infected with STI’s, including HIV, falling pregnant and/or cohabiting with partners much older than them.
Star for Life has been observing this for a while and noticed that it is destroying the lives and the future of these young girls, as they end up dropping out of school and depending on their partners for day to day survival and lose their self-esteem, dignity and self-worth. It is for this reason that we invited stakeholders such as: South African Police Services, Human trafficking, Jes Ford Foundation,
Department Of Health, Department of education and many more, to tackle these issues and raise awareness on Human trafficking, STI’s, HIV, teenage pregnancy, education and rape.

Stakeholders presenting during the talk

Speakers on the day also stressed the importance of always being aware of your surroundings. Human trafficking/human slavery really is happening. It’s easy to abduct girls nowadays because girls are so trusting of everyone.

Messages highlighted on the day were: Girls are precious, girls are beautiful.

Beauty is not only how you look, but beauty comes from your actions, your decisions.

Anything is possible if you believe you can do it.

You should live a life you can one day be proud of.

Use social media to better yourself, to seek information about skills shortages.

You should remember to be respectful. Respectful of yourself as well as others

A special thank you goes out to Vuv’Amo engineering consultants and Clicks KwaMnyandu Mall for their sponsorship and support on the day.. These stakeholders donated gift packs for girls which had sanitary towels, tooth paste, toothbrush, bath soap and bath towels each.


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