All children have the right to schooling

According to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, every child has the right to be cared for, the right to participation and development, education and play. Star for Life schools are situated in both rural and urban parts of South Africa and Namibia where we deal with different living environments and child cases.

The Schools

Star for Life works in 120 schools. Most of the schools are located in the rural areas in very poor regions. Many parents are unemployed or deceased and it is common for learners to live with relatives. Poverty and lack of food makes school lunch extra important, and perhaps the only real meal served in a day.

Some schools have access to water, while others do not have access to running water or functioning toilets. The teachers in the schools are dedicated and do a fantastic job, providing good education to the students, despite scarce resources.

In this film, our coach Zamile Gwala explains about the work on Emthulasizwe High School in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The schools where Star for Life works