Daughters of Africa

Girls and young women in South Africa are affected by the unfortunate combination of prejudices and poverty. Their vulnerability can be measured by disease, unwanted pregnancies, sexual exploitation and the number of rape victims. But the girls themselves feel this vulnerability in terms of broken hopes for a better future. We know. We have been working with adolescents in the region since 2005. Within the framework of our existing holistic health promotion program in South Africa and Namibia, the project Daughters of Africa will contribute to innovative thinking, greater capacity and more focused efforts to strengthen the situation of teenage girls in school and their opportunities for financial independence thereafter.

Daugthers of Africa is a project in collaboration with Hand in Hand, financed by Svenska Postkodlotteriet.

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About Daughters of Africa

Listen to Christine Kadhila, Programme Manager, who tells more about the project.

Gender and equality work

To reduce the risk of girls and young women being exposed to violence and sexual exploitation.

Sexual and reproductive health (SRHR)

To strengthen girls and young women’s control over their sexual health.


To create opportunities for girls and young women for economic independence..

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