Daughters of Africa Girls Club

Daughters of Africa is our initiative which focuses on the situation of girls and young women in Southern Africa.

Girls are born and live with injustice and difficult circumstances. They are particularly affected by the complex combination of discrimination, lack of knowledge, prejudice and poverty.

Also, there are also no natural forums for girls and women to exchange thoughts and ideas about their vulnerable situation.

Threrefore, in connection with our schools, we have started the Daughters of Africa Girls Club where girls are completely in focus and where they can meet, talk, exchange experiences and socialize in a safe and open environment.

Would you like to support a Girls Club at one of our schools?
Please contact Patric Salmonsson for futher information.


Patric Salmonsson

+46 76 723 40 19

Listen to Zimbili’s story

Zimbili in South Africa tells how she, thanks to Star for Life’s project Daughters of Africa, has learned entrepreneurship. By selling her beadwork, she can now help support the family and be an independent young woman.