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Together we can make a difference!
Vi stärker ungas självkänsla
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Mobila hälsokliniker
About the schools where we work
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We empower young
people to dare to dream

Star for Life’s unique educational program is today available in 120 schools in southern Africa.

Through Star for Life’s well-trained coaches, learners become motivated and inspired to invest in their schooling, take care of their health and make conscious choices in order to influence their future.


Glimpses from Star for Life’s work during 2021

A film with glimpses from Star for Life’s work in the spring of 2021. Many thanks to all of you who support us in various ways. That means everything to us!

Watch our film from Emthulasizwe High School

Welcome to Emthulasizwe High School in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The school is one of 120 schools where we at Star for Life work with our education program.

Our coaches strengthen the learners self-esteem and motivate them to invest in their education and make wise life decisions. In this way, they can more easily build a better future and, as adults, contribute to a more equal, fair and sustainable society.

Star for Life and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Agenda 2030 contains 17 global goals set by the UN and accepted by governments around the world. They aim, among other things, to eradicate poverty, realise human rights for all, reduce inequalities and protect the planet and our natural resources. Star for Life’s work in South Africa, Namibia and Sweden contributes to these countries being able to achieve several of these goals.