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Girl Clubs - a new concept within Daughters of Africa!

Girl Clubs - a new concept within Daughters of Africa!

Specially written music for Daughters of Africa

Specially written music for Daughters of Africa

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By autumn 2019, around 360 girls will start their own small business on a small scale. A starting capital of only SEK 100/girl is needed. Some examples of what these SEK 100 covers are: seeds / sprouts for a vegetable cultivation, comb, brush + hair knots for a simple hair salon, or fabrics + other sewing accessories that help them get started with a very simple sewing business.
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Daughters of Africa

Special project in collaboration with Hand in Hand, financed by Svenska Postkodlotteriet

Girls and young women in South Africa are affected by a certain unfortunate combination of prejudices and poverty. Their vulnerability can be measured in eg. diseases, unwanted pregnancies, rape victims and sexual exploitation. But the girls themselves feel the vulnerability in terms of broken hopes for a better future. We know. We have been working with adolescents in the region since 2005.
Within the framework of our existing holistic health promotion program in South Africa and Namibia, the project “Daughters of Africa” will contribute to innovative thinking, greater capacity and new specific efforts to strengthen the situation of teenage girls in school and their opportunities for financial independence thereafter.

Feel free to follow the project – both here on this site but also in our social channels! If you want to know more about the project or how you can contribute contact Katrin Meyer, Project Manager ( ) or Patric Salmonsson, Fundraiser ( ). </ p>

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The projects three themes

Reduce the risk of girls and young women being exposed to violence and sexual exploitation.

Follow the journey of Hilde and Ntobeko

During the project we will follow Hilde and Ntobeko – two young girls who will participate in the training that is implemented through the project in South Africa and Namibia starting in March 2019.


Daughters of Africa


Lives in: Windhoek, Namibia
Age: 18 years
Family: Mum, Dad, three brothers and a sister

Lives in: Hluhluwe, South Africa
Age: 17 years
Family: Mum, Stepdad, two sisters, a brother and a granny

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