Daughters of Africa – a new project

Star for Life, together with Hand in Hand, has received funding from the Postkodlottery in Sweden to strengthen the activities in a total of 88 schools in South Africa and Namibia over the next three years. The overall objective of the project is to promote gender equality between boys and girls and the project is divided into three different themes:

1) Gender equality

2) Sexual and reproductive health

3) Entrepreneurship

These 3 themes form whats called “combined prevention” in combating information about rights and health, as well as practical opportunities for the girls to realize that they have an economic independence.

Star for Lifes training manuals will be developed and clarified and 12 coaches will be employed to allow more time per school, thereby increasing attendance and training opportunities. Other natural actors will also be involved – such as custodians, school leaders, school staff, local health clinics and authorities. Hand in Hand will help train SfL’s entrepreneurship staff.

Please stay tuned for further progress on this project.

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