The Dandelion Sponsorship Program joins Star for Life

The Dandelion Sponsorship Program was started in 2015 as a private initiative to help the poorest children in KwaZulu-Natal. It has recently become a special Star for Life project and together we have the strength to expand the sponsorship program to help even more children and their families.

The Dandelion Sponsorship Program is aimed at the poorest and most vulnerable children in the Star for Life schools. It was started by long-time Star for Life partners, Kjell and Rasmus Jakobsson, who wanted to do more for those children who have difficulty even going to school due to family circumstances. Dandelion is now well-established and sponsors over 40 children.

– At Star for Life we are proud of our partnership with Dandelion. As organisations, we complement each other and make a difference. We both work to improve conditions for children and young people in southern Africa in order that they might have a better life, says Ulrika Norberg, Secretary General for Star for Life.

Dandelion targets those who have been hit the hardest. This means food delivered every month, support from social workers and help with schooling. In consultation with Star for Life’s coaches and school staff, we are able to identify which children need the most help.

– When I first visited this area in South Africa, two things struck me. Firstly, how even the very basic needs were missing for the most vulnerable children and that relatively little was needed to make a difference. The second, was the joy, drive and hope for the future – despite everything. There are many children in South Africa who live without parents and adult support. Children who try to manage on their own, says Kjell Jakobsson, founder of Dandelion, who together with Anders Svensson is responsible for the operational work.

Today, Dandelion supports about about 40 children and together with the Star for Life organisation now has the strength to expand the sponsorship program to help even more children and their families.

Do you want to help the most vulnerable children in KwaZulu-Natal and get to know your own sponsor child? Then Dandelion is for you! You can get involved both as a private person and as a company. Read more about Dandelion here

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