Sapebuso Primary School och Sigma

Gathered:   28150 SEK

Goal:   100000 SEK

International School of Helsingborg – Emma Åkesson

Gathered:   4550 SEK

Goal:   4000 SEK

Shongwe Fanele

Gathered:   5350 SEK

Goal:   4500 SEK


Gathered:   14750 SEK

Goal:   20000 SEK

Daughters of Africa – Girl Clubs

Gathered:   2520 SEK

Goal:   36000 SEK

KDiary AB

Gathered:   1000 SEK

Goal:   5000 SEK

Sigma WoW Tour 2019 – Mobile Health Units

Gathered:   584472 SEK

Goal:   300000 SEK

Claes Nilsson Farewell Gift

Gathered:   23200 SEK

Goal:   20000 SEK

Erner Consulting Julinsamling 2018

Gathered:   300 SEK

Goal:   5000 SEK

Donate to Star for Life

Donate with Swish(Sweden): 900 1611
Bankgiro(Sweden): 900 - 1611
Iban: SE91 8000 0831 3907 4173 6524

Motivationslyftet by Svenska SfL

In Sweden the equivalent to the Star for Life program is called Motivationslyftet. It is run by our sister organisation Svenska SfL. If you would like to know more about Motivationslyftet, please visit (only in Swedish)

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